Dating communication games

18-Aug-2017 00:03

Communication is a key ingredient in any team environment.

Here are some of our most popular activities that emphasize communication between participants.

Let’s say you are at the bar and you see a girl you want to talk to. Or suppose you are at a dinner party and you notice a girl who happens to be sitting with a couple gentlemen who catches your attention. You can observe the way he relates to you to gage his level of interest and extent of investment in the girl.

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RISK: Low GROUP SIZE: Kept to groups of about 10 members or people lose interest while they are waiting for a turn TIME REQUIRED: 10 – 15 minutes DIRECTIONS: TITLE: Balloon Trolleys IMPACT: Trust building, building allies, group identities, ability, and cooperation RISK: Moderate to high GROUP SIZE: The more the better TIME REQUIRED: 15 to 30 minutes DIRECTIONS: Diversity in Action, Project Adventure, used by permission.

When you are done, this information is sent to your partner.