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I would also like to clear up something about these types of products and services. Everyone wants their computers to be virus free and run smoothly all the time right? Some people however, feel that Anti Virus protection must come at a price, and it is usually an unnecessary price. are all decent products if used properly, I won't lie, but most people do not realize that what they are paying for mostly with these products is simply the brand name itself, as well as extra features like "PC Speed Up" and "System Clean Up" type features which are technically unnecessary.

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Our most popular answers were, “To learn about new features in the software,” and, “To learn things about the software that we didn’t know were available.” Win Rx and Win Scan were designed to be an all-encompassing pharmacy software solution, so the feature list is pretty long.

View Profile For over 35 years: An independently owned software company for independently owned pharmacies.

Assigning will-call bins to prescriptions allows a clerk or any staff member to easily locate a prescription at any point in the dispensation process.

The bins are also customizable which allows you to create bins for special circumstances (i.e.medication on order, IOUs, contact Dr.) Fill most, if not all, a patient’s prescriptions at the same time.

See how Liberty Software helps pharmacists increase patient safety, improve profitability, and enhance patient care.

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