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30-Dec-2017 18:40

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It deletes itself within seconds and there's no way of tracing it." These worries are shared by anti-bullying advocates, who say teens might be lulled into a false security if they believe the images they are sending are timed to self-destruct.

The catch is that while Snapchat implicitly promises consequence-free sexting, it is easy to save a picture and negate the entire point of the service.

Some in the tech community have labelled it the "Tiger Woods" app, in reference to the sexually charged texts he is said to have received and which eventually returned to haunt him.

Such is the popularity of Snapchat – and its potential for abuse – that parenting groups have taken the unprecedented step of warning of its dangers.

In some cases the scammer has contacted victim pretending to be Law Enforcement/Private Investigators, possibly going as far as to spoof the number of a real local Law Enforcement department to make it appear that they are calling. If he tries to post anything pornographic, most public sites would delete it anyway.

There are also seen cases where a scammer pretends to an online agent looking for pedophiles. If you pay the scammer he will continue to blackmail you. File a report with your local law enforcement agency and to one of the following below if possible. UK: Action Fraud - members serving US Navy & Marines personnel, you can report it to the Naval Criminal Investigative Services as follows: Your local NCIS Office can be foudn at "NCIS" your tip info to Crimes (274637)"Tip Submit" Android and i Phone App Select NCIS as Agency NCIS Hotline 1-877-579-3648Naval Criminal Investigative Service Russell-Knox Building27130 Telegraph Road Quantico, VA 22134If you cannot report to NCIS, notify your security officer, supervisor, or command. In the unlikely event that he does post something, you need to be proactive and contact the site immediately to have it removed.

She exposed herself to a powerful new form of digital extortion, according to WITI.This scam involves 'grooming' a potential victim into sending compromising photographs/video to the scammer - In some scams the scammer/thief will, initially, send compromising pictures which he/she will say are of him/her -- these will be stolen from elsewhere Scammer will meet you on a social media site and ask to exchange compromising images.He may have asked prior or will ask later to be added to your Facebook account. He will tell you to send money via Moneygram, Western Union, Amazon gift card, Prepaid scratch off card or any other untraceable method to him. He will tell you if you do not comply he will send the photo’s to your Facebook friends list.All you need to do is photograph the image with your smartphone's "screenshot" facility and, presto, you have a permanent copy of something that was supposed to be gone forever.

Already, we have seen a site dedicated to "deleted" Snapchat images called Snapchat Sluts (the creator has removed offensive shots for fear of falling foul of laws against explicit depiction of underage girls).

Last week, the National Parents Council cautioned that technology encouraging "sexting" could fuel cyberbullying. could be sent to a child and opened up," said the organisation's Jackie O'Callaghan.

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