Invalidating mother inlaw

09-Oct-2017 07:59

Our relationship is marginally better now that I’m an adult and we live in separate states, but lately she keeps trying to pressure me into a closer relationship that I’m frankly not interested in.

As far as I can discern, her vision of our new and improved relationship basically amounts to me giving up my boundaries for her comfort.Fasting is obviously nullified by deliberate consumption, intake, or ingestion of food, nutrients, or drinks; sexual intercourse; induction of emission of semen [or, in the case of women, sexual secretions] through masturbation or other activities; induction of vomiting; cupping; onset of menses or bleeding of childbirth; or deliberate intention to break the fast.The exam you have mentioned does not fall in any of the above categories.Any time I was critical of her parenting or expressed frustration about not having my needs met, she would invalidate me by pointing out that my friends thought she was awesome, and therefore the problem must be me.

It made me feel terribly alone and doubtful of my own perceptions, which of course was the point.

It is of no importance to her whether or not the children develop, or even learn, from these achievements as long as her reputation remains intact.