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Brock stayed up late the night before, and he looks bleary-eyed. Now, he takes a sip of a huge iced coffee and says, "OK. He looks like that." She fans herself theatrically. "We love him," says 20-year-old Kayla Cook."He's gorgeous," says her friend, 21-year-old Leeza Lloyd."It's his hair," says the third woman, Chelsea White, 20. And now it's like, you're like, real."Brock takes pictures, sometimes more than one, with everyone. He picks up a 13-year-old boy named Austin for a picture and Austin asks how he takes care of his hair, and Brock tells him he washes it three times a week. She turns out to be 73-year-old Evangelina Garcia, who speaks only Spanish, but a woman with her translates for me: "She just saw him on the pier and said, 'What a beautiful man.'" In a world where "Instagram famous" and "really famous" are increasingly the same, Brock O'Hurn is riding some kind of wave.

But even bleary-eyed, Brock O'Hurn is still 6'7", 250 pounds, tan, muscular, blue-eyed, with a light-brown, tousled mane that, when not grazing his often shirtless chest, sits in a perfectly messy topknot. Let's go." As we walk toward the pier, Brock wonders, again, if anyone's going to come. "And the weather...""We'll just start taking pictures of you," says Diogo, referring to himself and Buzz Feed's photographer, who's coming along for the afternoon. " Her mom, Chris, takes a photo of her with Brock, but it's not until she walks away that he takes his shirt off. As the crowd on the pier grows, more and more people who are just walking by want to know who the shirtless man posing for pictures is. Maybe it's the man bun, maybe it's the eyes, maybe it's the chiseled physique, maybe it's the selfies where his pants are juuuuuuust a little too low, or the one of him in a cowboy hat at the Stagecoach Music Festival or the goofy one of him in American flag shorts (still shirtless), or him relaxing by a pool, or reading a book (shirtless, hair in man bun).

"It'll be like ants on food."The first sign that things will probably be fine is when we approach the pier from the side, and as we walk past the public bathrooms, two blonde women who turn out to be mother and daughter see him and approach cautiously yet excitedly. Maybe it's the other people who show up in his photos — fist-bumping his baby nephew, having fun with his "boys," a loose crew of similarly hot friends he's picked up in his five or so months in L. — who all seem carefully chosen to reflect The Real Brock: a happy, wholesome, sexy dude just living his best life in Los Angeles.

"We're here from Ohio," says the daughter, 21-year-old Liz Hriczo. The only women in his pictures are his mom, his sisters, and the occasional longtime female friend.

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The 54-year-old former talk show host said 'I do' to 41-year-old Steven Fenton in a quiet ceremony on Wednesday night.

wedding section about a woman named Meg, an attractive and successful woman in her 50’s who had met and married the man of her dreams. Diana Kirschner, author of and a PBS special of the same name. More people are meeting and “mating” than ever before in history. So if you’re looking for love online, here are some tips to improve your likelihood of meeting that special someone.

And because I knew Meg and her story, I contacted Diana to find out her secrets. And by the way, one of my closest friends—who followed my advice—met her current husband within the first month of online dating.

It's a far cry from the technology mergers and acquisition projects that were my bread and butter for many years.

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I've never felt more alive as I strive to help people move forward."Leeza Donatella has been working with energy since her early twenties.

Gibbons' three children, Lexi, 21, Troy, 19, and 13-year-old Nathan were the only people in attendance.

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