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03-Dec-2017 16:34

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Not that I think they're replacing her..would be SUPER sketchy on GV's part to promote Beyonce knowing she'd get replaced.

But I do wonder how she could do her standard 2 hour show if she's 7 months pregnant.

But not all Africans have this beautiful ebony skin.

Some have a perfect blend of Asian and Caucasian races. So when people say humans emanated from Africa believe them.

My guess is that this has all been a set up for a long time now.

enter with your bbc user name then hit join chat I would also book mark it if i was you Soo, i had my period 4 29 14..only lasted 4 days thats unusual .last 5 to 6 days...i been peeing alot lately and last week i was so tired but i took a pregnancy test a week before my period could i be pregnang Um i need help with something no one seems to kno whats going on with me maybe someone here can ok this is whats going on i had my period may 17 and then i litely started bleeding.

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Pregnant women can still do stuff, she did the VMAs pregnant that last time (and other performances before that, I'm sure). Also, GPS, She does that Freedom song in water on her tour, her dancers can handle it!

This actually makes Metallica's coy non-response to whether they're headlining even more interesting.

Oh and we need to go out and buy things for the baby!

I made Vision phase his hand through the wall and steal her phone. Tony: All that time being frozen has FROZEN YOUR HEART AS WELL!

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