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People die, it’s how things work.” She motioned to Erik and Vince. It isn’t fair to get me all hot and heavy at a time like this,” Vince said. Gabriel jumped to aid her when Erik stepped closer with his gun aimed.“Such dirty words.Hobi, this is my boyfriend.” She said as she went to give her boyfriend a hug.J-Hope looked at them for a long moment, but when he saw how bright his little sister’s smile was, he got an even bigger smile on his own face. Please keep making my sister smile.” He told the boyfriend as he went to shake his hand.I was one of the lucky ones to get a sneak peek at the advance screening for all of the volunteers who worked on the show.The preview was held in Fitzroy in Melbourne and was a great opportunity for me to meet the people behind the production and thank them for their hard work, and amazing results.Please sign this petition to save Still Star-Crossed that was generously made by @dsherwood!

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Also, because I live in America and we just passed the equal rights for marriage law, I thought it would be nice to have at two of these about a homosexual sibling (one of each gender). Suga: Suga was sitting in his room with his little brother playing video games. ”His brother bite his lip and looked down at his hands. The only thing I care about is that whoever you are dating treats you well.”J-Hope: “I don’t get why I can’t give you a piggy back ride?